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Frantisek Drtikol, Young and old age, 8,9 x 11,5 in., 1921


Frantisek Drtikol, Composition, 11,3 x 10 in., 1927           Frantisek Drtikol, The stretched rope, 9 x 12 in., 1927          Frantisek Drtikol, Dance group Dalcroz, 11 x 11 in., 1928


Frantisek Drtikol, Composition, 11 x 9,8 in., 1929           Frantisek Drtikol, Torso, 8,8 x 11,5 in., 1929          Frantisek Drtikol, Dancers, 11,4 x 7,5 in., 1930


Frantisek Drtikol, Untitled, 7,8 x 8,7 in., 1930          Frantisek Drtikol, The soul, 8,8 x 11,5 in., 1930           Frantisek Drtikol, The soul, 7,8 x 10,8 in., 1931


The portfolio of František Drtikol issued by Gallery AmbrosianA contains ten contact copies made from original glass negatives in Silver prints. The carefully chosen set of photographs represents well known and published pictures from the period 1921-1931. It is the only portfolio of František Drtikol that was made by the method of contacts from the original negatives. The reprints of 24 x 30 cm (9,5 x 12 in.) in size are the work of Czech photographer - Václav Jirásek. The fact that the majority of negatives is in the possessions of Gallery AmbrosianA is a guarantee that no other copies will be made of them. The original photographs by František Drtikol are practically not available for collectors today. The possibility to gain a set of ten photographs by Drtikol is therefore entirely unique. The Portfolio has been issued in a restricted number of twenty five specimens, in perfect adjustment and with a special etui designed and made by Studio Činčera.