Gallery AmbrosianA is the only Czech gallery closely related to the personality and work of Jan Saudek - the world´s famous photographer. The present owner of the Gallery together with his brother held one of a few exhibitions of this Czech author in the former Communist Czechoslovakia between 1970 - 1989. The exhibition was held in Brno in 1975 - in a hired students´ club. After 1989, the first exhibition of Jan Saudek in Czechoslovakia was a small retrospekt in Gallery AmbrosianA in 1990 when the small Gallery was visited by approximately 35 thousand persons.
The Gallery offers Saudek´s works for sale - both as originals and as poscards and posters. They still appeal to the public, which reflects in permanent interest in both original works and issued publications. The remarkable interest of the public in Saudek´s works was manifested during his "last exhibition" held in August and September 1998. The event was visited by more than 75 000 persons and became one of the most successful exhibitions in the Prague Season of 1998.
The yield from the auction together with subsequent receipts amounted to 8 mil. CZK (approx. 280 thousand USD). The earnings were donated by Jan Saudek to the account of the Foundation for marrow transplant.
To mention just a few of prices achieved at the auction: photograph "New York" - 122 000 CZK, photograph "Good Bye Jan" - 70 000 CZK (purchased by Gallery AmbrosianA), "LIFE" - 52 000 CZK, etc.
In the period of September-October 1998 a display of Saudek´s works was installed in BCH Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, USA where the exhibition was visited also by popular movie star Whoopi Goldberg who bought several original works.

Whoopi Goldberg & Sára Saudková

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